Data security and secret key

Responsibility of Users regarding the information registered on the site.

Brota will adopt the necessary and prudent measures to safeguard the security of the data and secret key, such as information encryption systems, security certificates or others that the company deems relevant. If changes are detected in the information that you have registered on the site, or in the event of any irregularity in transactions related to your identification or that of the payment method, or simply as a measure to protect your identity, our executives may contact you by via telephone or email, in order to corroborate your data and try to avoid possible fraud.

If you cannot establish contact within 72 hours, for your own security, your purchase order placed on our site cannot be confirmed. We will inform you by telephone or email that your order has been voided due to inability to confirm your identity or the payment method offered. In addition, proof of the efforts made to contact you and confirm the operation will be available in our offices for 30 days, so that you can confirm the purchase order. Any query can be made to

However, Users and/or Buyers are exclusively responsible for the loss, misuse or unauthorized use of the validation code, either by them or by third parties, after the purchase has been made in the manner expressed in the Terms and Conditions. Conditions.