Rights and Guarantees

Exchange or return

To exchange or return products, write to us by email contacto@brotavida.cl indicating the reason for the exchange/return along with your contact information and receipt or invoice number. Associated shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless it is a factory defect.

The product must be in intact condition and you must have the receipt corresponding to the purchase.

In order to make the exchange, the product must not be more than 30 days old from its purchase.

In order to make a return, the product must not be more than 10 days old from its purchase.

In the event of a money return, the company will make a transfer to the bank account indicated by the client in a period not exceeding 10 business days after the return has been accepted. This information will be delivered through the contact email.

Legal Guarantees

If the product does not have the reported technical characteristics, if it is damaged or incomplete, it can be changed immediately. If it presents faults or defects within 3 months following the date on which it was received, you can choose between free repair, or prior refund, exchange or refund of the amount paid, provided that the product has not deteriorated due to an event attributable to the consumer. It can be delivered directly to any Brota branch.

If the product has a manufacturer's warranty, the term of this warranty will apply, if this term is longer. However, if the product is perishable or is naturally intended to be used or consumed within a short period, the return period will be the one printed on the product or its packaging or, failing that, it will be 7 days. All these periods will be suspended for the time in which the good is being repaired under the warranty, and until the repair is completed.

The following will be considered a failure or defect:

  1. Products subject to mandatory safety or quality standards that do not meet specifications.
  2. If the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they display or to the mentions on the labeling.
  3. Products that, due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, where applicable, are not entirely suitable for the use or consumption for which they are intended or for which the supplier would have indicated in its advertising.
  4. If the supplier and consumer have agreed that the products subject to the contract must meet certain specifications and this does not occur.
  5. If after the first time the guarantee has been made effective and the corresponding technical service has been provided, the deficiencies that make the good unfit for the use or consumption referred to in paragraph 3 remain. This right will subsist in the event of a deficiency. to which it was the object of the technical service, or the same is presented again.
  6. If the thing that is the subject of the contract has hidden effects or defects that make the use to which it is usually intended impossible.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer may return the product purchased at www.brotavida.cl, within a period of 10 days from receipt, without needing to invoke any cause and as long as the product has not deteriorated due to an event attributable to the customer.

The customer must present the original receipt or invoice related to the purchase and deliver the referred product in good condition along with its components and packaging elements such as packaging, box and labels.