Generalities and Communications


This document regulates the terms and conditions under which you have the right to access and use the services of the website

  • Company Name: Hinrichsen and Alfsen SpA.
  • Ruth: 76.227.149-4.
  • Representative: Hermann Hinrichsen.
  • Address: Las Parcelas 7950 Winery c1.
  • Contact Telephone: +56 2 2270 1270.
  • Contact email


For communication, query or claim regarding the use of this site, Brota designates the customer service telephone number +56 2 2270 1270


Registration on the site and the use of a password is not a mandatory requirement to contract, but it will facilitate personalized, confidential and secure access to the site.

To hire in Brota the minimum age is 18 years.

If you register on the site, the user will have a password to enter their account and if they wish, they can change the password by following the procedure provided on the site. The password is confidential and the user and the administrator will be responsible within the scope that corresponds to each one.