An ideal recipe with reishi to adapt to stress (video)

An ideal recipe with reishi to adapt to stress (video)

Our friend from @sana.tu.colon prepared this hot chocolate recipe using reishi powder


He also taught us about adaptogenic foods, including reishi:

Adaptogens are plants (herbs, roots, or fungi) that help the body adapt to stress (whether physical, chemical, or biological). 💫

These plants have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, but today they are having a renaissance around the world. 🌍 Adaptogens can be eaten with meals, as supplements or in infusions.

The term adaptogen was established in 1947 by the Russian scientist NV Lazarev, to encompass a series of plants that he studied with his team:

➡️These plants had in common that they lived during the ice ages and adapted even to the most severe living conditions and that in the regions where they grew they were used by the population in a traditional way to "increase their strength." ⬅️

After the research, the general characteristics of these substances were defined in that they have the ability to normalize the body's functions and help it adapt and overcome stress, with a general and broad effect, and that they are safe substances, that is, non-toxic.

There are also other superfoods in the adaptogen category (for example turmeric, ginseng, ashwadanga, basil, etc.).

👋🏻In any case, I am not suggesting that adaptogens replace stress reduction practices such as yoga, walking, deep breathing, being outdoors, therapy, etc. 🧘🏼‍♀️

⛔️The consumption of Reishi is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people who have coagulation problems, those who are going to undergo surgery or those who have very low blood pressure.

The hot chocolate ☕️that I made in the video is the perfect cozy drink to replace coffee or matcha in the morning, or to relax in the evening.

The bitter taste of Reishi helps stimulate digestion and turns our drink into a delicious bitter hot chocolate. 💫