Surprise yourself with an energizing alcohol-free earthquake

Surprise yourself with an energizing alcohol-free earthquake

Today we present to you a typical recipe for these holidays 🇨🇱 , but in a different version.

It is an inevitable earthquake without alcohol 🥤 , based on kombucha, with guarana powder for greater energizing power .


  • In a small glass 🥛 we add two tablespoons of pineapple ice cream 🍍 , a teaspoon of grenadine and then we add the content that is missing in kombucha (hopefully unflavored). If you don't have kombucha, you can add a fruit juice of your choice (no added sugar).
  • Then we add a teaspoon (2 gr) of guarana powder Brota 💥 .
  • Stir and serve 🥄.

Thanks to kombucha you can incorporate probiotics or beneficial bacteria into your body, which will help you improve digestion and restore the balance of your microbiota. It is well known that a healthy microbiota is related to good health in general, especially the nervous system.

With this special preparation we avoid consuming alcohol, which has a series of negative effects on health, among others, such as inflaming the body, depressing the nervous system, inhibiting the absorption of certain nutrients, damaging the microbiota and directly affecting the brain area 🧠.

This preparation is not recommended for pregnant women 🤰 or children under 12 years of age 👦👧, due to its high stimulating effect. Do not consume more than 2 glasses of this earthquake a day, because excess guarana can cause tachycardia 💓 or insomnia 🛌 .