Maqui, the healing fruit of the ancestral Mapuche culture

Maqui, the healing fruit of the ancestral Mapuche culture

Maqui is a native berry that grows in southern Chile. Since ancient times, the Mapuche culture consumed and used it for its great healing powers.

It is a Chilean tree that reaches 4 or 5 meters in height. Its fruits and tender leaves can be consumed raw or in salads. The maqui fruit is a dark-colored berry with strong antioxidant power and a high amount of vitamin C.

In the past, the healers (machis) of the Mapuche culture used its crushed leaves to heal wounds. Its leaves were used in infusions that served to relieve sore throats or mouth ulcers. Maqui is part of ancestral recipes from the culture of southern Chile such as “curanto”, a typical dish that is prepared in a pit covered with hot stones. It is also consumed as juice and with its fermentation a typical alcoholic drink called “tecu” is prepared.

Maqui is considered a superfood for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and cleansing power. In 1496 the Chilean chronicler Alonso de Ovalle reported that the leaves of the maqui tree were used to cure burns, in 1889 the Chilean doctor Adolfo Murillo spoke about the anti-inflammatory power of the juice of this fruit and its power to relieve throat conditions. In the 19th century, the historian and politician Vicuña Mackenna reported that the Mapuche aborigines used maqui to cure diarrhea, a practice imitated by the citizens of the country's capital in those same years.

The intense purple color of the maqui fruit is due to its content of anthocyanidins, which are substances beneficial to health, especially their antioxidant power. In addition, maqui fruits have other flavonoids, the aforementioned vitamin C and minerals such as bromine, zinc, chlorine, chromium, vanadium and molybdenum.

It has been shown that the anthocyanins contained in the maqui fruit help inhibit the oxidation of lipoproteins such as LDL (bad cholesterol), which form fatty deposits in the arteries and increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents. That gives this superfood the characteristic of being beneficial for heart health.

It should be noted that the juice of the maqui superfood contains greater antioxidant capacity than grape, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry juices, its power is even greater than that of the famous acai. Being considered a beneficial food to prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system and regulate blood glucose, being recommended for people who suffer from diabetes and insulin resistance.

The maqui is part of the Brota catalog because it is in line with our objective of making foods available with the highest nutritional and therapeutic concentration. We want to reach all corners of the world, encouraging the population to incorporate superfoods into their daily lives in order to improve their well-being and quality of life.