Do this every morning and you will be able to strengthen your defenses

Do this every morning and you will be able to strengthen your defenses

This routine will help you strengthen your defenses naturally. Contains apple cider vinegar, maqui, camu camu, ginger and ginseng powder, all superfoods with proven immune system-boosting effects.

Routine preparation:

In a glass of water (200 ml) add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (15 ml), a teaspoon of camu camu (10 g), one of maqui, another of ginger and half a teaspoon of ginseng (5 g). Stir well and serve on an empty stomach.

You can also add the same foods to a fruit juice, tea, or herbal infusion.

Yes, it can be consumed at any time of the day, but it is recommended to do it in the morning to obtain all the necessary nutrients for the day.

Benefits of superfoods for the immune system:

About 70% of our immune system is concentrated in our intestine , so having a healthier intestine results in a better defense against pathogens such as viruses, harmful bacteria, fungi and others. Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar allows us to obtain probiotics or beneficial bacteria for our body naturally.

Camu camu strengthens the immune system due to its high content of vitamin C, in addition to enhancing the production of collagen, a protein present in all of our skin, including the intestine (prevents ulcers).

Meanwhile, maqui is a food widely used in the Mapuche culture that also has a high concentration of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system, promote the production of collagen and control stress levels.

For its part, ginger contains gingerol, its main bioactive compound that has powerful medicinal properties. It is an excellent immune system toner. Helps fight the flu and common cold. It is also recommended to clear the airways.

Finally, ginseng can strengthen the immune system in general, but especially in people with certain types of cancer, according to various studies carried out.