How to consume wheatgrass? Add it to your green smoothie (video)

How to consume wheatgrass? Add it to your green smoothie (video)

Do you want to incorporate wheatgrass into your diet, but don't know how? 🤔

Our friend health coach Antonia Corral, @laviaholistica on IG, teaches us in this video how to prepare a green smoothie using wheatgrass as a superfood 💚 .


In a juicer or blender you must add ginger (it can be a tablespoon of powder, approximately 10 gr), as well as a mixture of green vegetables, such as cucumber, celery and parsley 🌿.

Then you add a tablespoon of powdered wheatgrass , to take advantage of its high chlorophyll content, an antioxidant present in plants that helps us eliminate heavy metals from our body, so it has a purifying effect. You can change this ingredient for moringa or matcha tea, which also have chlorophyll 🌱.

We then add a tablespoon of activated flaxseed to the mixture (it is left soaking the night before with filtered water so that it releases its mucilage, a gel that is very necessary to improve our digestion and avoid constipation. We finish with lemon juice, filtered water and We stir until there is a homogeneous mass 🍋.

It's now ready to serve!

You can consume it daily to take advantage of all its therapeutic detox effect 🤗 .