Acidity? maybe you're actually lacking acid. Treat it with apple cider vinegar

Acidity? maybe you're actually lacking acid. Treat it with apple cider vinegar

What many people interpret as heartburn can actually be explained as a deficiency of acid in the stomach, a very common condition called hypochlorhydria.

In our body we need a pH that tends towards alkalinity to maintain good health, but in the stomach area it is essential that it be very acidic, in order to properly decompose food. When this is not the case, we find that they begin to ferment ahead of time and cause discomfort related to reflux.

When these conditions of heartburn persist over time, it is known as reflux, which is when the valve that passes chewed food, the inner esophageal sphincter, remains open, causing stomach acids to return to the esophagus.

A poor diet, especially due to excess refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white flour, sugary drinks, among others). and the abuse of antacids mean that optimal acidity levels are not achieved over time.

However, when we consume apple cider vinegar we provide a natural acidity to our body. This is because this food is the result of the transformation of the alcohol of the fermented apple, through the addition of bacteria and yeast, into acetic acid, which has an antimicrobial effect and has been shown to have various health benefits.

It also contains probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, which also improve digestion by balancing the microbiota, which is a universe of microorganisms that we have throughout our body, but especially in the intestine. It is also rich in enzymes that help digest food better.

Many people are already using this food to control their blood sugar levels (glycemia), to burn fat, strengthen their immune system, regulate blood pressure, among other benefits.

I recommend incorporating apple cider vinegar, mixing (10 ml) in a 250 ml glass of water on an empty stomach, or adding it directly to meals and salads.

See how it turns out for you. I do not recommend that you do it if you have inflammation in the esophagus, esophagitis, because it could worsen that condition. Remember that you should always consume it diluted.