5 easy breakfasts with superfoods and fruits (VIDEO)

5 easy breakfasts with superfoods and fruits (VIDEO)

We want to help you have a greater variety of nutritious options for breakfast, mixing your favorite fruits with superfoods . That's why we leave you an explanatory video of 5 alternatives to start each day of the week well. It will take you a total of 15 minutes maximum to make all these preparations.

Source: The Green Fuel.

According to the video, we will use 5 very clean glass jars to fill with our 5 combinations. They are ideal to take to the office or place of study. They are made in one go and stored in the refrigerator.

The basis of all these breakfasts is made up of:

  • Chia seeds.
  • Rolled oats (5 tablespoons).
  • Pumpkin seeds (1 tablespoon)
  • Powdered hemp seeds (1 tablespoon, optional).
  • Vegetable milk of your choice.

We add the superfoods, then the vegetable milk and to mix them we just have to cover the jars and stir manually. You have to prevent the chia from caking. At the end we add the fruits. You can also add agave syrup to sweeten (buy) .

You can also add any nuts you want to the mixture, or even modify the ingredients used to your liking.

  • 1. Papaya with cinnamon, ginger and maca.

  • This fruit in pieces is mixed with the aforementioned base, to which we will also add cinnamon, ginger and a little maca. We recommend that the cinnamon be Ceylon type, since it has a higher quality and better flavor (unlike traditional cinnamon, Cassia type). Buy Ceylon cinnamon and ginger powder .

  • 2. Mango with turmeric.

  • You will be surprised by this combination of this exquisite tropical fruit with the powerful orange rhizome. We suggest you also add a pinch of black pepper to the mixture to boost the anti-inflammatory abilities of turmeric (buy) .

  • 3. Kiwi with matcha tea.

  • You can also mix this fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C with matcha tea, which corresponds to the finest part of green tea and is very rich in antioxidants (buy) .

  • 4. Strawberries with beet powder.

  • For this preparation it is very important that the strawberries we use are organic, since it is one of the foods that has the highest amount of pesticides in the world. Instead of beetroot you can also use camu camu (buy) or rosehip powder (buy) .

  • 5. Banana with cocoa powder.

  • The inevitable banana could not be left out, a very versatile fruit that will give a natural sweetness to our dessert. To this preparation we will add cocoa powder (buy) which is very rich in minerals, antioxidants and substances that work as a natural antidepressant such as tryptophan.

    As you can see, you will end up with beautiful colorful bottles, full of antioxidants and nutrients necessary for everyday life. Dare to try them!