Limiting calories won't necessarily make you lose weight

Limiting calories won't necessarily make you lose weight

Most people have learned that losing weight is a matter of simple mathematics. That limiting calories will make you lose weight. But more and more professionals are warning that this decades-old strategy is wrong.

"The idea of ​​'taking calories in and taking them out' when it comes to weight loss is not only outdated, it's also wrong," says Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity specialist and professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Harvard University. .

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The reality is that even careful calorie calculations don't always produce consistent results. How your body burns calories depends on several factors, including the type of diet you eat, your body's metabolism, and even various types of microorganisms that live in your intestine. It is very problematic if you consume the same amount of calories as another person, but then have different results in terms of weight.

"Throw out the notion of calories," says Dr. Stanford. It is time to have a different approach, he says, placing emphasis on improving the quality of our diet and adopting improvements that make a sustainable lifestyle and thus achieve, consequently, a healthy weight.

(Excerpt from the article "Stop counting calories!" from the Harvard University Health Institute). edu/staying-healthy/stop-counting-calories