6 signs that your body has excess toxins

6 signs that your body has excess toxins

Toxins are elements that affect our health, including synthetic chemicals and heavy metals present in food. When they accumulate they can generate a series of symptoms (among several others), which we will mention below 👇:

Constipation : many ultra-processed products contain chemicals such as dyes and preservatives that affect your microbiota, making it difficult to expel toxins 💩. It is recommended to increase the consumption of fiber and fermented foods to restore the balance of the microbiota.

Bad body odor : as toxins accumulate in the body, gases and foul odors are produced that come out through the pores. It is recommended to exercise regularly to facilitate the process of eliminating toxins through perspiration, in addition to consuming foods high in chlorophyll 🌱.

Brittle nails : in an environment full of toxins, some microorganisms such as fungi proliferate, which can seriously affect the nails. It is necessary to improve your diet to obtain the required nutrients 💅🏼

Depression : It has been found that an excess of mercury values ​​in the blood results in a deterioration in #MentalHealth, increasing the possibility of a person feeling depressed. Consumption of seafood contaminated with mercury (large fish 🐟) should be avoided.

Overweight : an excess of toxins prevents weight loss by affecting the #microbiota. Certain toxins also concentrate in fats, especially abdominal fat, increasing their danger.

Hair loss : Substances such as arsenic and lead may be directly affecting normal hair growth. Other possible causes such as nutritional or hormonal must be ruled out 💇.