Delivery and In-Store Pickups


Brota ships its products around Chile in a period between 5 to 7 business days, the purchase is confirmed via Mail.

The processing time for our orders is a maximum of 48 hours (business days), dispatch will be made after processing depending on the shipping time of the courier in charge.

In-Store Pickups

The processing time for our orders is a maximum of 48 hours, after which in a maximum of 3 business days the order will be ready for pickup.

Customers will be notified via email that their products are available for pickup at the selected store.

The purchase can be withdrawn as long as the same person who purchased goes to the selected store with their identity card or adds the RUT and full name of whoever they want to withdraw to the shopping cart.

The person who is going to pick up the purchase must present themselves with the OC number and identification card.

The customer or the person designated to pick up the order must leave a copy of the receipt signed with their ID and name at the branch.


In no case will Brota be liable for:

  1. The improper use that Users or visitors to the Site may make of the materials displayed, industrial property rights and intellectual property rights.
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  5. Loss, misuse or unauthorized use of your validation code, either by the User and/or buyer Buyers, or by third parties, after the purchase has been made in the manner expressed in the Terms and Conditions. Likewise, the parties recognize and record that the computing platform provided by Brota is not infallible, and therefore, during the term of this Contract, circumstances beyond the control of Brota may occur that imply that the Site or the computing platform are not operational for a certain period of time.
  6. Brota information or its services found on sites other than

In such cases, Brota will try to restore the Site and the computer system as quickly as possible, without being held liable.

Brota does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Site nor that at any time and time, Users can access the promotions and Offers of the Site.

Brota is not responsible for viruses or other elements in electronic documents stored in Users' computer systems. Brota will not be liable for any damages caused to the Client, arising from the inappropriate use of the technologies made available to the Client, regardless of the way in which these technologies are inappropriately used. Brota will not be liable for any damage caused to The Site due to improper use and bad faith by Users and/or Buyers. However, in the event of a double payment by a User or Buyer on the Site, Brota will return the amount of the overpayment, within 3 days following receipt of the respective written claim from the User or Buyer, in which they are attached. the originals of the receipts for additional payment to what was purchased.

In Login, registration and communication with payment methods companies, Brota uses digital security certificates (SSL) in order to encrypt communication. Brota does not manipulate or store financial data of its clients.

In any case, Brota's liability, contractual, extra-contractual or legal, with Users, Buyers or visitors to the Site will not exceed the price actually paid by the Buyer in consideration for the product or service, without prejudice to what the Courts determine. of Justice.